‘Dropping out’ of the middle class

Photo courtesy of Kyoko Takenaka, Investigative Reporting Workshop

Thousands of people took to the National Mall last October in the name of jobs, justice and education at the “One Nation Working Together” rally in Washington, D.C. The event brought together union members, activists and students from around the country, all asking Washington to focus on the needs of working-class Americans before the November … Continue reading

Metro banking on bike-to-rail riders for future


Metro’s long-range planning office is trying to entice more people to bike or walk to their stations. Their new plan says, otherwise, they’ll have to add expensive parking spaces – possibly up to 40,000 of them. Kristin Haldeman, with WMATA Office of Long-Range Planning, heads up the project to improve security, access and storage for … Continue reading

Blocks away, a world apart: Latino immigrants shape and meet the needs of unique Alexandria community

Introducing: Arlandria Situated in Alexandria, right past the Alexandria/Arlington line, and a zip code away from some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the city, is the area commonly called “Arlandria.” While it can be pinpointed on a Google map and some may recognize the strip of stores and restaurants on Mount Vernon Avenue, which … Continue reading

A marriage of media giants: Is HuffPo enough to save its newly beloved?


Many say AOL is hoping that aligning with the most linked-to blog, according to Technorati.com, will boost its dwindling online ad sales. But AOL’s less than successful track record with media mergers has some critics cautiously optimistic about success. Andrew Pergam, Editorial Director at J-Lab, The Institute for Interactive Journalism, says he sees why AOL … Continue reading

Oopsies: Odd political sex slip-ups


From American Observer’s special Sex and Politics edition, check out these bizarre political bedroom blunders… (By Kate Musselwhite and Ashley Bright)

Superbowl players come from far afield


Football is often called America’s favorite sport, but people have come from all over the world to play in the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers will face off Sunday in Super Bowl XLV, and both teams have players on their rosters that were born outside of the U.S. Click on the map … Continue reading

Exploring the “G-word” in Ward 8

Exploring the G-Word in Ward 8

While Ward 8 has endured a culturally rich past and troubled present, the “east of the river” community is currently home to a revival of sorts – and, according to some of its residents, plenty of misperceptions as well. By Kate Musselwhite Gentrification: exploring the “G-word” Gentrification. From news reports to documentaries, the term has … Continue reading

A look back at Ward 8

A look back at Ward 8

A former convicted felon as a council member. The beginnings of new development. A proud, culturally-diverse populace. Ward 8 is the one of the District’s most historically significant areas. By Kate Musslewhite The poorest ward in the District, Ward 8 is the southernmost geographically and home to nearly a dozen individual neighborhoods, historic landmarks such … Continue reading

Comedy or politics?

The “Rally to Restore Sanity” and “March to Keep Fear Alive” are the latest of highly publicized rallies on the National Mall. In the past few months, the “Restoring Honor” rally, organized by Glenn Beck, and the “Reclaim the Dream” rally, organized by Al Sharpton, were followed by the “One Nation Working Together” march which … Continue reading

Fearful crowd will ‘Rally for Sanity’

By Jeremiah Patterson and Kate Musselwhite Nearly 220,000 people from around the country are expected to convene on the National Mall Saturday, as part of the Rally to Restore Sanity and March to Keep Fear Alive. Or at least, that’s the number marked “attending” on the Facebook event. The latest in a series of ongoing … Continue reading


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