“Gimme a Beer”

Gimme a Beer by Kate Musselwhite

Something’s brewing in the District. Beer made right here in D.C. is once again flowing through the city’s taps for the first time in more than half a century. And people in town are raising their glasses to new, local brews. Beer production in the States is now at its highest levels since before prohibition, … Continue reading

Battle underway for Virginia Senate hopefuls


By Kate Musselwhite – District Talk – Apr. 12, 2011 With the 2012 presidential campaign underway, President Obama is looking to re-take the key battleground states that helped vote him into office in 2008. Kate Musselwhite reports live in the District Wire News studio on how this raises the stakes for a Senate race in … Continue reading

Executive Director Academy Promotional Video

The Executive Director Academy is a leadership development program for the executive directors of nonprofit organizations in Guilford County, N.C. This promotional video was filmed, edited and produced by Kate Musselwhite, with support from Discovery Learning, Inc.

Metro banking on bike-to-rail riders for future


Metro’s long-range planning office is trying to entice more people to bike or walk to their stations. Their new plan says, otherwise, they’ll have to add expensive parking spaces – possibly up to 40,000 of them. Kristin Haldeman, with WMATA Office of Long-Range Planning, heads up the project to improve security, access and storage for … Continue reading

Boxing club shows kids the ropes inside and outside of the ring


By Kate Musselwhite The headbangers boxing club is part of the D.C. Parks and Recreation Amateur Boxing Program, and nearly 50 under-served neighborhood kids come to practice there after school each week. Check out my report on how these young boxers are learning the ropes … both inside and outside the ring. Reported, photographed and … Continue reading

AU counter-rally overshadows Westboro protest

(Voice-over by Kate Musselwhite; photography/editing by Ashley Bright) Click to see the full American Observer special coverage of the Westboro Baptist Church protest at American University.

Exploring the “G-word” in Ward 8

Exploring the G-Word in Ward 8

While Ward 8 has endured a culturally rich past and troubled present, the “east of the river” community is currently home to a revival of sorts – and, according to some of its residents, plenty of misperceptions as well. By Kate Musselwhite Gentrification: exploring the “G-word” Gentrification. From news reports to documentaries, the term has … Continue reading

The gloves come off: Political ads stripped down

Political Ad Parody

We’ve all seen them before: stale, formulaic political ads that interrupt our favorite programs and insult our intelligence. So what goes into a campaign spot? Follow along as two Observer reporters walk you through the cliches. Videos by Kate Musselwhite and Jeremiah Patterson


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