Blocks away, a world apart

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.30.42 AM

Blocks away, a world apart: Latino immigrants shape and meet the needs of a unique Alexandria community

(D.C. Intersections / American University) Situated in Alexandria, right past the Alexandria/Arlington line, and a zip code away from some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the city, is the area commonly called “Arlandria.”

While it can be pinpointed on a Google map and some may recognize the strip of stores and restaurants on Mount Vernon Avenue, which serves as its main street, many people, including those nearby, might not be aware of what—and who—makes up the Arlandria community.

The diversity and significant Latino population in the Arlandria neighborhood creates a unique intersection of class, language and culture in the inner suburbs of D.C. Read, see and hear the full multimedia piece.

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