Kate Tobey + Jacqui Otano: Miss Ohio cover

April 2020: Cover of Miss Ohio by Gillian Welch. Vocals, violin, guitar, percussion: Kate Tobey. Vocals, guitar, percussion: Jacqui Otano.

Oh me, oh myyy, it’s fun to just experiment and lean into the beauty of imperfection. We should all do it more often.

Very thankful to have found some space during quarantine to start collaborating with Jacqui Haggerty/ Jacqui Otano on everything from folk songs to virtual dance parties.

Despite really loud doves, kids, neighbors and cranky passersby…we pulled off this duet video, with our iPhones and at all hours of the day and night, from our respective homes in N.C. and Puerto Rico.Here’s our cover of Look at Miss Ohio by one of our OG favorites, Gillian Welch. We could pick it apart for all its little mistakes, but it’s way more fun (and freeing) to just put it out into the universe with a smile and a good old fashioned tin plate snare.

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