Quilla: Old Souls track

Latinx artist, Quilla, released a melodic third album, “The Handbook of Vivid Moments,” in 2020. Kate Tobey co-wrote and recorded violin on the track, “Old Souls.”

Quilla (Anna Luisa Daigneault) released the eight-track electronic indie-pop album on her record label, Ritual Fire
Records. “The Handbook of Vivid Moments” beautifully weaves elements of Quilla’s Latinx heritage rhythms and dance floor beats. With the blending of heritage and music genres, this album is one to uplift listeners during what has been a difficult time worldwide and explore current themes that are often challenging to
tackle. The album is available on all platforms here.

Quilla, the 2020 album and a performance by Quilla and Kate, were featured in Bit Rosie’s latest short documentary as part of a series highlighting the work of women producers around the globe.

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